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Whether you are seeking commercial real estate finance expertise or are a first time home buyer.  The experts at CanCap Mortgage Group can help!  Looking to refinance or looking to purchase an additional home?  Reach out today and have one of our professionals put something together for you.  Our group has access to some of […]

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Our market rates change daily.  Reach out to one of our experts today for a customized rate quotation for you.

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Our talented group of mortgage finance specialists are experts in both commercial and residential real estate financing across North America.  Our satisfied clients span the globe.

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As of April 2021, CanCap Mortgage Group is the newest franchise in the Dominion Lending Centres network.  While we offer comprehensive residential mortgage brokering, our focus is heavy on commercial mortgage financing.  We are excited to take our in-depth experience as sophisticated developers in the Canadian and United States’ commercial real estate market and apply […]

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RECENTLY FUNDED DEALS, note that this list is not exhaustive

Loan Type Property Type Location Amount LTV Interest Term
Line of Credit Residential (Self-Employed, Stated Income) Barrie, ON $200,000.00 72% 6.75% 24 months
Second Mortgage Residential (for Investment Purposes) Windsor, ON $568,750.00 81% 7.00% 12 months
Second Mortgage Residential (Rental Property) Strathroy, ON $340,000.00 85% 7.75% 12 months
First Mortgage Residential (First Time Home Buyer) Kitchener, ON $1,015,000.00 80% 4.90% 36 months
First Mortgage Commercial (Warehouse Strata Unit) Smithville, ON $1,450,000.00 70% 6.89% 36 months
Second Mortgage Residential (Rental Property) Surrey, BC $200,000.00 80% 9.00% 12 months
First Mortgage Residential (Quick Close Private, Funding Fell Through) Etobicoke, ON $472,500.00 87% 8.75% 12 months
First Mortgage Residential (Complicated BFS) Oakville, ON $1,675,000.00 78% 6.05% 36 months
Equity Investment Residential (Multi-Family Subdivision with Interest Reserve) Waterloo, ON $10,500,000.00 62% 7.10% 48 months
First Mortgage Commercial (Funding Fell Through) White Rock, BC $2,456,000.00 75% 8.00% 12 months
Equity Investment Commercial (Land banking) Scarborough, ON $14,750,000.00 51% 8.10% 18 months
First Mortgage Commercial (Retail and Music Studio) Vaughan, ON $635,000.00 77% 5.25% 36 months
First Mortgage Commercial (Funeral Home) Calgary, AB $1,700,000.00 73% 6.89% 12 months
First Mortgage Residential Purchase ON $782,000 78% 4.05% 36 months
First Mortgage Commercial Servicing Finance Vancouver Island, BC $8,600,000 64% 8.99% 24 months
First Mortgage Residential Purchase ON $411,000 96% 2.29% 60 months
First Mortgage Residential Refinance ON $1,450,000 78% 2.74% 36 months
Second Mortgage Residential Refinance (self employed, quick close required) Windsor, ON $900,000 80% 4.05% 24 months
First Mortgage Residential Refinance (self employed) Brampton, ON $1,500,000 70% 1.45% 60 months
First Mortgage Rental Property Equity Take-Out Scarborough, ON $280,000 75% 1.60% 60 months
First Mortgage (First Responder Mortgage Benefit Program) Residential Purchase (husband is self-employed, wife is a front-line worker) Kelowna, BC $900,000 75% 2.05% 60 months
First Mortgage Residential Purchase (remote area, outside of major urban centre) ON $600,000 65% 3.99% 60 months
Land Loan Multi-Family Townhouse Development Kelowna, BC $22,600,000 60% 5.5% 24 months
First Mortgage Residential Purchase (bruised credit, self-employed) London, ON $325,000 65% 3.75% 60 months
Equity Take-out Second Residence(with Rental Income) Cobourg, ON $780,000 75% 6.25% 36 months
Second Mortgage Residential Brampton, ON $200,000 69% 8% 12 months

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CanCap Mortgage Group’s Value Proposition

Our value proposition is unique and sets us apart from the competition for a number of key reasons: EXPERIENCE The founders of our group have collectively completed more than $2B in commercial land development, making us one of the most experienced commercial development firms in the country.  Our knowledge base includes the development and management […]
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Our Team

John (Adam) Watson, Chief Executive Officer

Hana Hodna, Chief Administrative Officer

Peter F. Holgate, Chief Operating Officer & Principal Broker

Chris J. Gallant, Mortgage Originator

Jody Eagen, Mortgage Originator

Raj Dhaliwal, Mortgage Originator

Satpaul Saroya, Mortgage Broker

Ajay Singh, Mortgage Originator

Chad Johnson, Mortgage Originator

Yahya Mahmoud, Mortgage Originator

Nupur Parasar, Mortgage Originator

Julian Kwong, Mortgage Originator

Sophia Lin, Mortgage Originator

Ricky Gaurian, Mortgage Originator

Raza Rizvi, Mortgage Originator

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A Guide to Commercial Mortgage-Backed Security

People in the business of buying and selling commercial real estate are likely familiar with Commercial Mortgage-Backed Security (CMBS) loans. CMBS is a type of fixed-income security loan that uses commercial real estate as collateral. These loans are typically for commercial properties, such as hotels, offices, apartment buildings, malls, and factories. This type of loan […]

What Our Clients Say

Our group is very excited to have been referred to the CanCap team.  It is refreshing to work with a group of financiers that are passionate and knowledgeable about the CRE vertical.  This is not something that is easy to find!  We look forward to closing with you folks soon.


I was very glad to be referred to the CanCap guys in trying to get our multi-family project before the right lenders.  Beforehand, we were getting rejected and could not figure out why.  CanCap has been almost like a consultant for us in the approach they take to organizing the deal for submission.  We will absolutely be bringing all of our commercial deals to the CanCap team moving forward.

MSD, Ontario

CanCap has been great as we work towards closing a large commercial deal that we have not been able to advance with anyone else – simply because we have been told it is “too complicated”.  The access to private capital that the CanCap guys have is unique and especially important to us as there was no way an institutional lender was going to look at our deal. 

JWS, Alberta