As of April 2021, CanCap Mortgage Group is the newest franchise in the Dominion Lending Centres network.  While we offer comprehensive residential mortgage brokering, our focus is heavy on commercial mortgage financing.  We are excited to take our in-depth experience as sophisticated developers in the Canadian and United States’ commercial real estate market and apply that to growing out our unique brokerage model. 

Our goal is to be the largest, most creative, most experienced, and most sought-after commercial mortgage origination group in the world – first conquering Canada and the United States.  We are confident that we have the motivation, the momentum, and the connections to be the largest and best in the space!  

In making our decision to partner with DLC, we took a number of factors into consideration.  It was most important for us that we could offer our Mortgage Originators access to the largest number of tools possible so that together we can collectively offer our clients services that other brokerages cannot.  We strive to be the global leaders in commercial mortgage origination.

DLC, as a group, has consistently been ranked top in the Canadian mortgage industry for funded volume, with over $24B in funded mortgages last year alone.  This represents an approximate 40% market share with DLC agents earning more than double the income of the industry average.  While the vast majority of this volume reflects residential mortgage financing, we strongly believe that we can lead the group in commercial mortgage origination.  

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