The Influences of the Overall Economy on the Housing Market

As a real estate investor, you must look into what influences the overall economy has on the housing market. You have to understand that while several things impact house prices, the economy is one of the biggest of them. The increase in house prices happens when people expect better financial standings in the future. This […]

7 Things to Look Out For in a Good Mortgage Agent

Success in the real estate business depends on many factors, and getting a good mortgage agent is one of them. Whether you are in it as an investor or as a future homeowner, it is important that you only work with a broker who can help you get the financing that you need.  The really […]

5 Important Things First Time Homebuyers Need to Know

Most first time homebuyers in Canada are taking on a responsibility that will either enrich or make their lives worse. If you are a first-timer yourself, then you should know that the outcome of this important life decision will depend on how well-informed you are about its entire process. There are steps, requirements, and tasks […]

Differences Between Commercial and Residential Brokerage Underwriting

Commercial brokerage underwriting is different from residential, and venturing into either of them is no easy feat. It takes a lot of guts, money, and smarts to be able to pull it off. There are also different factors to consider that you’d have to spend quite some time studying and understanding before you can even […]

The Importance of Human Relationships in the Mortgage Business

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on many changes and innovations that have underscored the importance of human relationships in the mortgage business. Now, more than ever, mortgage companies need to develop ways to connect with clients despite the distance and the digitization of almost all their processes.  The study made by the University of Oxford […]

How do mortgage lenders handle mortgage loss?

Mortgage lenders are necessary for homeowners and property owners who often need mortgages to buy their dream homes and properties. This is because owning a property these days requires more stringent requirements and assessments, including the client’s financial capability. Mortgage companies exist to help aspiring homeowners with their funding needs. However, as lenders, there is […]

Best Property or Market to Invest in Today? Commercial Real Estate!

Commercial real estate has been one of the more significantly successful choices for people to invest their money. It can become an excellent long-term investment where it can provide an ongoing passive income and can guarantee a consistent and constant cash flow when it is done right. Commercial real estate is defined as any property […]

The Use of Technology During the Pandemic and Its Impact on Commercial Real Estate

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been so widespread that they have also shifted many things in the commercial real estate sector. Based on an interview done by Institutional Real Estate, Inc. with Juniper Square’s CEO and co-founder Alex Robinson, it was noted that one of these changes in the industry’s high technology adoption. […]

The New Normal with Your Commercial Real Estate Lender

The coronavirus pandemic and the new normal that came with it have brought on many challenges for everyone, including the people in the commercial real estate industry. It forced mortgage lenders to adapt and tweak their operations to keep mortgage deals rolling while they deal with the continually changing circumstances. When workforces were directed to […]

The “18-Hour City” Trend and the Commercial Real Estate Sector

Have you ever heard about the 18-hour city? Well, the coronavirus pandemic has brought on a lot of changes and challenges to every industry in the world, and one of the most hard-hit is the real estate sector. However, trends have cropped up expected to help commercial and residential real estate industries thrive way beyond […]