How to Choose the Best Mortgage Brokerage for Your Needs

When you invest in commercial real estate, one of the things to consider is finding the best mortgage brokerage to serve your needs. Mortgage brokers work at finding the ideal interest rates and mortgage terms for commercial properties. Their job is to continually research the latest loan terms and interest rates to secure excellent rates […]

How to Adopt Digital Transformation in Commercial Real Estate

The business sector, especially those in commercial real estate, now understands the need to accelerate the pace of adopting digital transformation. They find that it is necessary to move forward with efficiencies and implement business models that are customer-driven and innovative, especially in the advent of the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, in a survey done […]

5 Tips for Pandemic-Affected Commercial Mortgage Borrowers

Even if interest rates are now at a historic low in Canada, current commercial mortgage borrowers still have a problem on their hands – having to deal with their loan payments despite the hardships they are facing.  Throughout this pandemic, they have to talk with their mortgage lenders about how the coronavirus pandemic has affected […]