Hana Hodna | Chief Administrative Officer

Hana’s work ethic and analytical skills, among many others, serves the CanCap Mortgage Group very well in her role as Chief Administrative Officer. Hana started her professional journey as a teenager, after graduating from high school with a focus on business. Hana got her feet wet in the finance space with her first job in the credit and collections department of a leasing company. Working in debt collection for many years, Hana honed her technical skills in creating tailored processes – leading her team to implement various software solutions. While working full-time, Hana also completed her bachelor’s degree in Financial Management at a university in the Czech Republic.

While working to increase the efficiency of the debt collection process, Hana made the realization that there was a direct correlation between the quantum of accounts receivable, the quality of customer service, and the efficiency of internal processes. It was this realization that led Hana to focus on the auditing and restructuring of not only the internal processes themselves, but also the overall standard of said processes. Hana has a true passion for data analysis and that continues to underscore her ability to identify challenges in areas of both customer service and operations. Hana’s ability to be a team player has also contributed to the creation of a CRM automation and billing system for a telco company overseas.

Hana’s extensive background in data analysis, customer service, and bettering processes led her to relocate to Canada where she has furthered her storeyed career in commercial real estate and financial technology. Hana’s skillset continues to be predicated on the foundation of flexibility, a passion for results, and bettering communications. Hana balances work-life with plenty of outdoor activities including hiking and back-country camping.

Email: hana@cancap.one

Hana Hodna CAO