Jody Eagen | Mortgage Originator

Jody is a mortgage agent for people looking not just for a great rate but a great mortgage all around. He loves to work with people who want to better understand mortgages and real estate investing to save money and grow wealth long term. 

His straightforward approach and variety of life experience ensures you get the advice you need without being bored to tears.

His experience comes from all sides of the industry,

  • Personal real estate investments as well as working with sophisticated landlords, private lenders and real estate investors/flippers
  • Working with a variety of mortgage scenarios like high net worth, first time home buyers, self-employed, rent to own, debt challenges and credit score challenges.
  • Referrals for diverse needs such as business loans, insurance, succession planning, real estate lawyers and tax specialists.

As a mortgage professional his goal is to consistently help grow your wealth in real estate with his guidance, personal experience and network of resources.

A passion project of Jody’s has been training & mentoring, working with some of the best brokers and agents in the industry.