John (Adam) Watson | Chief Executive Officer

At twenty-one years old, as President of the students’ union and while studying in the highly-coveted Management and Political Science (BBA.Hon) program at the University of Toronto, Adam co-founded a contracting group that went on to be one of the largest in Ontario. With hundreds of employees and tens-of-millions of dollars in annual revenues, Adam successfully exited that company after thirteen years at its helm. 

During this tenure, Adam also invested in several start-up technology companies in Field Service Management, the gig-economy, advertising, and commercial lending, to name a few. In 2015, Adam invested in a manufacturing operation overseas and spent time scaling an operation that was eventually sold, at a ten-times multiple. In 2012, the Toronto Board of Trade recognized Adam’s successes with the presentation of the prestigious Business Growth Award. 

As a 2017 Arbor Award recipient, Adam’s expertise in starting, funding, scaling, and exiting companies of all stripes has lent incredible credence to his involvement in a number of influential organizations. 

Adam has served as a Governor to the University of Toronto and has spent time travelling the country speaking passionately to students about entrepreneurship and leadership. 

The cornerstone to Adam’s numerous accomplishments has been his ability to collaborate effectively with employees, management, boards, and stakeholders at all levels. Today, Adam is proud to lead the CanCap Mortgage Group with a passion in finance, technology, mortgages, and the commercial real estate space.

Tel: 416-452-5281

Adam Watson CEO | Mortgage Agent