Our value proposition is unique and sets us apart from the competition for a number of key reasons:


The founders of our group have collectively completed more than $2B in commercial land development, making us one of the most experienced commercial development firms in the country.  Our knowledge base includes the development and management of all types of multi-family, industrial, office, retail, hotel\resort, medical, student housing, cannabis, and self-storage – to name only a few.


In 2016, our group founded a ground-breaking technology platform that connects commercial borrowers with commercial lenders and the network today continues to grow aggressively.  On the debt-financing side of our system, we have to-date platformed more than $1.5B in opportunities for our lenders.  We are poised to add equity-financing components in the near future, making our technology the most innovative in the real estate space today.


Our vast network of global lenders ensures that we can not only fund nearly any real estate transaction, but also enables us to produce timely approvals so that borrowers can move quickly through the process with clarity and full transparency.


We have secured exclusive commitments from a number of large global private lenders so that we are able to fulfill the needs of a wide diversity of clients on both the commercial and residential fronts.  Our goal is to ensure that no deal is too complex, nor is any deal “un-fundable”.  Our lending landscape allows us to leverage our proven and established relationships to offer clients a wide variety of terms – our lenders know how creative we are as we continue to prove our model.


As a result of our on-going diverse commercial developments and expertise, our group connects and employs a wide range of analysts, consultants, quantitative surveyors, architects, and legal professionals that are at the ready to assist with getting deals done.