Thank you for your interest in CanCap’s Real Estate Agent Referral Program.  You have come to this page because you are a Real Estate Agent who is interested in partnering with CanCap to provide your buyer’s with a specially designed CanCap Mortgage Program.  We are excited to be working with you and thank you for the opportunity!  By providing us with the following information, we will take the next steps in looking after not only you, but your client.

It is important to remember that we will work with you as the Real Estate Agent to define the level of involvement that you want us, as trusted Mortgage Brokers, to have with your clients in this process.  We assure you that YOUR client is YOUR client.  Some of our Real Estate Agent partners want to be in the middle of all of the communications between us and your clients.  We respect this relationship entirely.  Please note that we will require communication with your client to gather relevant documents, answer lender questions, fulfill underwriting conditions, and overall ensure that we obtain the best options available for your client.  If you should so wish, we will ensure that you are copied on all communications.  Our commitment to you is that we will respect your client’s relationship and will work hard to get your clients’ mortgage obtained in the best interests of you and your client. 

Please feel free to reach out any time with any questions that you might have and we look forward to working with you.

Julian Kwong

Adam Watson

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