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A magnificent new plaza (The Mayfield Arcadeium Center) will soon emerge as a bustling community hub located on the southwest corner of Mayfield Road and Goreway Road, in the City of Brampton.

The special-purpose condominium retail plaza is the brainchild of real estate development specialist Surinder (Shawn) Ahuja.

Shawn pioneered the concept of ‘condominium plazas’ with exclusive uses in North America almost 18 years ago. The idea was to provide exclusivity to retailers so that they do not have to compete with companies offering similar products or services in the same controlled commercially-zoned environment.

The idea was copied by other builders/developers all across GTA, but Shawn went on to build many more plazas, each being sold out soon after the project announcement was made.

The Mayfield Arcadeium Center is a $22 million project, entirely planned and executed by Shawn.

The Mayfield Arcadeium Center will cover a total area of 55,000 square feet, with each retail unit averaging about 1200 sq. ft. The plaza will have a unique design and will specially cater to the new subdivision between Airport Road and Hwy 50.

Prior to going independent, Shawn was an award-winning real estate broker. He soon rose to the top ranks in the industry, and was listed as #1 Best Sales Agent at HomeLife/United Realty Inc., Canada for five consecutive years.

With his years of experience, Shawn has honed his talent for visualizing and launching programs that produce profitability to customers.

In addition, his expert knowledge for obtaining the necessary clearances and permits from all levels of government, project specifications, preventing delays in project completion have added positive bottom line to all his projects.

Other ambitious projects on hand for Shawn includes: A Live and Work Plaza and a Retirement Home, plans of which will be finalized soon.

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Shawn Ahuja | Mortgage Originator