Yohan Ramakrishnan | Mortgage Originator

Yohan was raised in Montreal and moved to Ontario in 2008. With a background in IT and fluency in three languages (English, French, and Tamil), he decided to pursue a career in the mortgage and real estate space while discovering a passion for working with people – especially in helping them acquire and manage their biggest investments.

Yohan is proud to help his clients through the entire real estate purchasing process – navigating the complex array of products available and advising them how to acquire the right properties, with the mortgage financing that is most suitable.

Over the past several years, Yohan has worked with several of the larger firms and agencies and has been able to parlay his experience working with a wide variety of different clients.

Yohan is a hard-working family man and a devoted father of one. Yohan loves Toronto and believes in its strength for growth and raising a family. Yohan continues to grow his career with the DLC CanCap Mortgage Group and appreciates the team dynamic where he continues to receive and provide education and training to better guide the marketplace.

Yohan looks forward to continuing to share his knowledge and expertise in providing the best services and products available.

“Doors have been opened for me at different times in my life. I strive daily to do the same for others.“

Email: yohan.ramakrishnan@cancap.one
Tel: 416-871-4402

Yohan Ramakrishnan | Mortgage Originator